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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the full application process like?

1. Complete the online application. Make sure you have pictures of your Bachelor's degree and teaching credentials!

2. Join us for a 15 minute interview followed by a 15 minute Demo Lesson, where you show off your amazing teaching skills!

3. Take part in our offline on-boarding program and practice a mock Trial Class with one of our Senior Trainers.

4. Sign your contract and start teaching our wonderful students!

What equipment do I need?

To ensure the best learning environment, we require all our teachers to have a working laptop or desktop, equipped with a camera and a headset with a microphone.

Your device should have a stable internet connection. We require at the minimum 20 Mb/s upload and download speed. 

Where can I teach?

You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection and provide an educational classroom environment!


How should I prepare for the interview?

We prepared a check list for you below and will also send our Interview Training Guide before your interview.

1. Check your internet to make sure its stable and meets our minimal requirements.
2. Download and familiarize yourself with Zoom. Make sure your audio and video is working!
3. Read the Interview Training Guide to learn about our evaluation rubric and teaching tips.

What will I be evaluated on?

During the interview, you will display your online teaching skills. Please carefully read our Interview Training Guide to familiarize yourself with the different criteria you will be evaluated on. Please also make sure to look over the slides in advance.  


How many student's will I teach?

All of your classes will be one on one!

Do I need to prepare any material?

Nope, our lessons are fully prepared for you to just teach! Be sure to review the lesson in advance on your teacher portal.

Will I always teach the same student?

You will start off with Trial Classes where there will always be a new student. Once your converted a student, you will have Regular Classes with that student. 

Do I need to communicate to parents?

Nope, our staff will handle all communications with parents during your lesson!

How do I access my schedule?

Your full schedule will be available on your teacher portal.

Do more than teach, inspire!

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